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Introducing a new 'budget' or student chanter.

This chanter comes with a C key but no other keys or key blocks. There's a simple lignum mount at the upper end of the chanter. I'll use a lighter coloured wood (boxwood, lignum) or plastic imitation ivory for this mount. I may used darker wood for this mount when making these chanters from Rosewood and Mopane. There's just a brass ferrule at the bottom of the chanter.
These changes from my regular chanters reduce the costs a lot and so I can sell these at a much reduced price but they sound as good as any other D chanter I'll make.
Price $550

I'm delighted to announce the from now on I'll be providing bags and bellows made by Niall Kelleher and Daniela Ferretti with my uilleann pipes. Have a look at their great work here!



'Uilleann Piper' cd available again

only $10 + $2 shipping anywhere!

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Have a look at the great new prices for my mp3 downloads from CDbaby, only $7.99 for an album or .75c a track!

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